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Tropical Leaves

Programme for MGC

We are happy to announce our events for 2024. Please note these are subject to change. 

Our speaker events are held at: The Memorial Hall, North Street, MIdhurst, West Sussex. 

No Meeting in January

12 FEBRUARY Speaker - Steven Desmond 'Gardens of the Italian Lakes'

11 MARCH Speaker - Everett Leeds 'Clematis Through the Seasons'.

8 APRIL Speaker - Peter Almond 'Plants have feelings too'.


19 APRIL (Friday) Visit: Firle Place for Garden Show.

13 MAY Speaker - Graham Spencer 'New Plants – the future for your garden'.

Club Holiday – 2 to 6 June 2024

10 JUNE Speaker - Peter Smith Bees 'Honey – Myth, Legend And Tradition'.

20 JUNE (Thurs.) Visit to: Nyman’s.

15 JULY Speaker - Maggie Tran Bramdean.


No Meeting in August

05 SEPT (Thurs.) Visit to: The Savill Garden;

9 SEPTEMBER Speaker - Tim Woodland 'Spring & Autumn bulbs'.

14 OCTOBER Speaker - Philip Duly 'The History of the NGS And Hidden Gems'.


9 DECEMBER Speaker - Andy McIndoe 'Beautiful English Gardens'.

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